Why choose a rotative filler instead of an inline/linear filler?

Friday, September 7, 2018

Many people still opt for inline filling machines to reach higher speed capacities, because they believe this will help them save on bottle format equipment and format change-over time.

Let’s face the numbers

Once you operate at speeds above 3.000 bph, you need a multiple-head (3 or 4 heads) capping machine with a capacity of 4.000 till 6.000 bph.

This type of capping machine is equipped with a specific infeed screw, infeed starwheel, back guides and outfeed starwheel for each bottle format. If you combine the with the filler in one monobloc, you only require one additional starwheel for the transfer from the filler to the capper. The additional cost of this extra starwheel is negligible on the total budget for each bottle format.

The main advantages of using a monobloc

Using a monobloc provides many advantages, some of which are:

  • Needs less space/factory surface compared to a linear/inline filling line
  • A smooth, continuous operation instead of a start/stop process
  • fool-proof format change-over and no need to fine-tune or re-

Need flexibility? Choose a linear machine

If you need high flexibility, linear machines have some great advantages:

  • no need for change-over parts in the filler
  • only one starwheel required in the capper
  • only one capping head
  • fast format change-over with Sneyders’ equipment

In this respect, Sneyders’ filling and capping machines are used for capacities up to 3.000 bph on 1 liter bottles and 2.400 on 5 liter bottles. This is achieved by using piston fillers (with up to 10 heads) or Endress & Hauser flowmeter fillers (with up to 12 heads). 

The Sneyders’ Scaldis filler automatically positions the main settings of the machine. The one-head capping machine is equipped with several servo motors. This ensures a flexible use of the machine and a guaranteed screwing torque of the capping head. Filling machines can of course reach higher speeds, especially on lower volumes, and can be combined with existing multiple-head capping machines

It all depends on the necessary capacity

Based on the above, linear bottling lines with capacities between 3.000 and 5.000 bph are not ideal. For completely new lines above 3.000 bph, Sneyders will advise to opt for rotary filler/capper monobloc from Ronchi, offered by Seamco.

Are you not sure which machine fits your specific needs?

Do you want to optimize your manufacturing process, but are you unsure if our machines will fit all your needs? Then call Vincent de Boeck on +32 3 4750660. He can offer advice that caters to your specific needs, and recommend the right set-up for your bottle/product combination.



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