4 types of capping machines

If your bottles, jars or jerry cans are filled with liquids you still have to close them. That’s when the capping machines from Sneyders come in. We offer 4 types of capping machines:

  • Tigris C up to 1.300 bottles per hour
  • Scaldis C up to 3.000 bottles per hour
  • Scaldis C – XL, ideal for jerry cans
  • Brenta semi-automatic capping machines

    • Starwheel and integrated cap sorter
    • Servo-driven capping head
    • Stainless steel frame, glass doors and panels
    • Siemens components
    • Up to 3000 bottles per hour
    • Servo-driven starwheel (XL)

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    • Integrated cap sorter and elevator
    • Minimal set of size components
    • Up to 1300 bottles per hour
    • Linear machine
    • Siemens components

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    • Semi-automatic solutions
    • Triggers and pumps close with the TRG module
    • Controlled torque adjustment for trigger and cappers

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Why should I choose Sneyders ?

  • State of the art technology
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • A single partner for your entire bottling line
  • Integrated solutions
  • Carefully selected suppliers
  • Experienced technicians

Capping machines

List of advantages

The capping machines from Sneyders offer a range of advantages:

  • Servo-controlled machines
  • Adjustable screwing torque during operation
  • Quick format change over of the machines
  • Speed of 3.000 bottles per hour
  • Orientation of caps
  • Optional module to tighten pumps and triggers
  • Electronic components, control, monitor and motors from Siemens

Ask for advice

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