The newly engineered 3-way valve for the Sneyders filling machines is more sturdy and will resist longer to corrosive products

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The new Sneyders’ three way valve for corrosive products

Sneyders manufactures filling machines for liquid products, amongst which also corrosive products like bleach. The valve between the pistons/cylinders and the filling valves are traditionally stainless steel 3-way “ball-and-spring” valves.  This is not suitable for corrosive products. PVC parts were used instead in combination with titanium filling needles. The PVC parts were bought-in parts and had the following disadvantages:

  • To many components which were glued together
  • Components not strong enough to withstand the continous movement of the flexible hoses between the valves and the filling needles
  • No sanitary design – dead corners
  • No possibility to empty the head space of the cylinders
  • Difficult to replace parts

The new Sneyders 3-way valve solves all these outstanding issues in one go. The new valves are constructed out of one solid block and have the following characteristics:

  • PVC block without glued parts without springs
  • Glass balls resisting perfectly to corrosive products
  • Viton seals
  • Hygienic design
  • Dosing valve with indication to determine the filling speed
  • Filling accuracy on one head of 1 gram (on 1000 ml volume).

The sturdy construction

  • withstands better the movement of the filling hoses
  • deteriorates less due to the products and the influence of UV radiation
  • can empty the head space of the cylinders
  • allows easy replacement of balls

It is completely manufactured in-house and is hence anymore dependent on changes made by suppliers of individual components.

The new Sneyders’ 3-way corrosive valve can be retrofitted on all existing Sneyders piston filling machines. For more information, please consult Vincent De Boeck on +32 3 745 0660.



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