Will you become our agent for filling and capping machine in your home market?

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Sneyders sold several machines outside its home markets in countries like Russia, England, France, USA, Lithuania, Scandinavia during the last two years. In order to maintain a sustainable export, we are looking for agents in Europe and North Americas.

  • Does your company have experience with sales of filling and packaging machines?
  • Do you have technical staff to support your customers?
  • Are you attracted by top-notch technology?

If you answer “yes” on all three questions, you are definitely our ideal partner to build out your home market for filling and capping machines.

Get in touch with Vincent De Boeck, Export Manager to learn how we want to realize our ambitions and your opportunities.

Mail to Vincent.deboeck@seamco.be or call + 32 3 475 0660



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