Linear filling machine - Scaldis

Developed for our customers

The quality of a filling machine is key to the filling process. Sneyders is always looking for new ways to make its machines as efficient as possible. That is how the Scaldis was born. This machine is the result of a redesign of our linear filling machine, based on feedback from our customers.

Scaldis’ characteristics

The Scaldis is a linear filler you can fit out with 6 to 12 filling heads. The dosing system consists of either a piston or a flow meter. The filler is entirely servo-controlled so it operates very accurately and fast and it can be changed over very quickly. The Scaldis reaches filling speeds of 20 up to 100 bottles per minute. Moreover, if you choose for the CIP (Clean-in-place) module, you can clean the machine even better and faster.

All advantages lined up

If you choose for the Scaldis linear filler you choose for an impressive list of advantages:

  • hygienically finished machines without dead angles
  • no need for format change over equipment
  • very easy to clean
  • pre-programmed maintenance
  • waste avoidance: intelligent filling of the product tank with regard to the number of cylinders that need filling
  • industrial design
  • electronic components, control, monitor and motors from Siemens


Would you like to know how your company can benefit from the Scaldis linear filler? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our engineers are happy to provide you with a solution for your application.



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