Specialist in liquid packaging

Built on knowledge and experience

Sneyders produces filling and capping machines for packaging thin and thick liquids. Sneyders’ story started in 1987 when Peter Sneyders founded the company. Before that Peter worked in his father’s company that filled bottles with cleaning products. Among other things, Peter was responsible for technics & maintenance and built filling machines for his own use. As a daily user of filling machines Peter understood like no other the requirements of an efficient filler and sealer. No surprise that several of the machines soon sparked the interest of other filling companies.

Sneyders pushes its boundaries

When the family company was sold, Peter Sneyders founded his own. From the start, Sneyders developed new machines for liquid packaging. He particularly aimed at the Belgian and Dutch markets. In the nineties Peter set up some projects in Algeria together with Seamco NV, with which Sneyders merged in 2012.

In 2018 Sneyders acquires BP Matic, a manufacturer of filling and capping machines for pails, jerrycans, drums and IBC’s.

In 2019 Sneyders moves to a new facility in Herentals with more space for assembly and erection of filling and capping machines and a dedicated area for Facility Acceptance Tests.

Focus on innovation

Sneyders continues to commit to innovation and invest in the renewal of machines. In 2014, this resulted in Scaldis’ range of fillers being presented at the Interpack trade fair. The public discovered the newly developed Wisla filler-sealer Monobloc for the first time on the Fachpack trade fair in 2015. Sneyders made good use of its international development by creating a network of agents offering local service. 

Meet the expert

Today it’s safe to say that Sneyders is an expert in liquid packaging. Our filling and capping machines are the best of the best. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and can be adjusted to your specific needs. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.



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